Once upon a time, I took a wrong turn down an ‘interesting’ street in an ‘interesting’ neighborhood in Northeast Reno.

When I saw the “For Sale by Owner” sign, I knew then why I was there. I made ‘the call.’


A few weeks later, I was holding an open house for this charming, picture perfect, 973 square feet little house. It was an open house like no other I’ve done before. And not just because I didn’t speak the ‘native’ language of my buyers.


Families came. Mothers and fathers looking to buy for their grown children. Two sisters in search of a home for themselves and their 3 children.


“Muy bonita!” they all said.


Most all had cash. Years of saving from working multiple jobs.


“We only have $140,000,” one mother and father said. WOW….


The best part of this contract was getting to know the seller.


“Eddie” was a young, single dad born and raised in Mexico City. The little house was his first flip, and another big step towards his big American Dream. With a full-time job and raising two young children, it took over six months of weekends and week nights to make the little house the gem of the neighborhood.


“Something I could be proud to put my name on!” he told me.


I understood where Eddie was coming from, Literally. My mom, dad, sister and I lived in a ‘hood just like this one when we first came to America many years ago. It was where my family took our own first steps toward the Dream.


Five days on the market and the little house got a buyer, with a full price, cash offer.


Another few weeks later, Eddie and I were walking out of the title company. He had just signed the mounds of paperwork requisite in selling his house.


“That felt so good!” he said, in a breathless whisper, smiling ear to ear.


Not half as good as hearing you say it! I thought. 


Closing Day. What an incredible privilege and honor to have been a part of making Eddie’s dream come true.


“So, I got my eye on this other house in Sun Valley,” he said, as he unearthed my sign from his ‘former’ front yard and put it in the trunk of my car.


“You interested?”


“Heck yeah!”

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